Steltz International

Steltz International Incorporated was organized in 1988 under Techno Holdings Corporation, which owns and operates several businesses including golf course supply; kitchen, hotel and laundry equipment, as well as fitness and exercise machines.

Our company's mission is "To be the industry leader in the distribution, supply and service of high end, original, luxury lighting and other architectural solutions."

Since the beginning of our company, we have been the exclusive distributor of our flagship brand, FLOS, which is known all over the world as the best in designing, producing and manufacturing iconic lighting. They have been in the industry for over 50 years with top designers like the Castiglioni brothers, Starck, Morrison, Wanders, Citterio to name a few, who continually collaborate with them to create lighting masterpieces.

Over the years, we have grown to distribute not just decorative fixtures. Our company now caters to a wider variety of lighting needs including outdoor fixtures which can be used for resorts, gardens, houses, restaurants and buildings, able to withstand the changing weather and salt water. We also have general lighting which come in a vast number of designs and allow for various output preferences such as Halogen, Compact Fluorescent, Metal Halide and LED.

Despite the influx of imitation designer lighting in the market, we remain steadfast in our belief that nothing beats the satisfaction and pride of owning the Real Thing. Buying original assures our clients of the quality and reliability of the product.

We have trained Sales Personnel and Technical Support Staff that are able to provide clients with necessary information needed to create a beautiful environment enhanced by proper lighting. Backed up by our years of experience in the lighting industry, we can recommend the best choices for your needs that will give the most pleasing aesthetic with output efficacy.


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You may call us at +63(2)358-9634 or visit our contact us page.